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Hello! First things first, if you're here, you likely have played, or have interest in my game Rhythm Runner. If so, then tell me some of your thoughts, if you'd like, compliments and criticism are equally valued. 

Now, I'll admit, as much as I've tried, I haven't managed to get Rhythm Runner to my desired level of quality just yet. Things such as timing of note placement as well as level layouts will be smoothed out in time.

But you're probably wondering about the bigger updates this game may face, as of now it is somewhat only a demonstration with 3 levels (3 levels that take time to beat, mind you!)

Well, as of now there are no plans to add further levels just yet. I have great interest into being able to import .mp3 files into the game and have the game make levels based on them, as seen in Crypt of the NecroDancer (go check it out, it's amazing), but making levels the same way I've been doing it currently is tedious, and until i find a simpler solution I've been burned out by it. 

However, some big features are still planned, and they are as follows: showing completion percentages for each stage, character customisation and difficulty settings. 

I am planning to move onto new projects now that i have done what i set out for myself when beginning the project. However I will likely come back to this game to add said features, and if you enjoy this game, showing your support will definitely help that. I hope to move onto bigger and better projects from here on out.


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Jun 19, 2017

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